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A Night Near Chennai

Close your eyes. Close your eyes for 2 seconds and imagine a white Tavera. Now imagine the Tavera plowing through a fast flowing current of muddy water flowing from everywhere to everywhere. Imagine the water level rising up over the…

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Intimate bonds

A year back, when I first moved into hostel more than a thousand miles away from home, I felt all alone. For the first time, I had no mother with me to wake me up every day (which is no…

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FunJava- The Idea

What is FunJava? The idea of FunJava is simple:  We teach class 10 kids how to code in Java, for their ICSE exams. How is it different from other such Java-for-ICSE websites? It’ll be fun, rather than rote theory learning….

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Let’s Talk About Rape

No, no. This does not come as an insight into the interview of the Nirbhaya-rapist and his lawyer. Their mindset is something that continues to elude me. This article talks about our mindset. By “us”, I mean the generally literate…

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The Greatest Indian Chamcha

entry for AKLF2015 Blogging Contest

The Great Indian Chamcha (GIC, pronounced geek)

Scientific name: Chamchacus indian


Appearance: Strong resemblance to Homo sapiens; may lack the backbone


Eating habits: Depends on what Bossguru Sir-madam (BS) wants to have


Places found: Right outside the room of BS


Threats: Other GICs

The Great Indian Chamcha is a species of animals found extensively over India. They are seemingly harmless characters and rather objects of ridicule, until



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Personally Speaking

I often hear from people that what I publish, be it on Facebook or on my blog, isn’t personal enough. They are more like advertisements, designed to evoke laughter and/or thoughts. I am sitting in front of you now, on…